Ultimate Guide to Culver’s Customer Satisfaction Survey: Steps & Rewards

Welcome to the ultimate guide on TellCulvers.vip, where we walk you through the process of participating in Culver’s customer satisfaction survey. This comprehensive guide is designed to ensure that your experience is smooth, enjoyable, and rewarding. Let’s dive into the steps:

Step 1: Enter the Survey

  1. Gather Your Receipt: Keep your recent Culver’s purchase receipt handy. It contains the survey code you’ll need to enter the survey.
  2. Visit the Survey Website: Open your web browser and go to tellculvers.com, the official survey portal for Culver’s.
  3. Enter the Survey Code: Find the survey code printed on your receipt. Enter this code, along with the TRN number, into the designated fields on the website.

Step 2: Complete the Survey

  1. Answer Questions: The survey will ask various questions about your recent visit to Culver’s. These may include queries about the quality of food, the level of service, cleanliness, and overall satisfaction.
  2. Be Honest: Provide honest feedback based on your experience. Culver’s values your genuine opinions as they seek to improve their services.
  3. Submit the Survey: Once you have answered all the questions, submit your survey. Ensure you’ve answered each question to the best of your ability.

Step 3: Redeem Your Reward

  1. Receive Your Code: Upon completing the survey, you’ll be given a validation code. Write this code on your receipt or any piece of paper.
  2. Visit Culver’s: Bring your receipt with the validation code to any participating Culver’s location.
  3. Enjoy Your Free Scoop: Present your receipt with the validation code to redeem your free scoop of Culver’s frozen custard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How often can I take the survey and receive rewards?
A: You can take the survey and receive a reward for each purchase you make, provided each receipt has a survey invitation. However, check the terms and conditions for any specific limits.

Q: Do I need to purchase something to participate in the survey?
A: Yes, a purchase is necessary as you need the survey code found on your Culver’s receipt to enter the survey.

Q: How long is the validation code for a free scoop of custard valid?
A: The validity of the validation code may vary. It’s typically valid for 30 days from the date of the survey completion, but it’s always a good idea to check the specific terms provided with your code.

Q: Can I complete the survey without internet access?
A: The survey is designed to be completed online at tellculvers.com. If you don’t have internet access, consider using public Wi-Fi or visiting a friend or library to complete it.

Q: What if I lost my receipt but completed the survey?
A: Unfortunately, you need the receipt with the validation code written on it to redeem your free scoop. Always keep your receipt safe after completing the survey.