A Sweet Treat at Culver’s: More Than Just Burgers

Let’s talk about Culver’s, a place known for its ButterBurgers and delectable frozen custard. I want to try to answer some questions I have had about Culver’s over the years including…  How did they get started? Why Frozen Custard? What the heck are Butterburgers? So let’s delve into the story behind how Culver’s came to be!

It all started… 

In 1984 in Sauk City, Wisconsin, Craig and Lea Culver, along with Craig’s parents George and Ruth, started Culver’s as a small family-owned operation, after running their local A&W drive-in for many years the people of their hometown knew Culver’s was going to be good! They combined Craig’s love for burgers with his mom’s homemade frozen custard recipe, which as it turned out was a match made in heaven. The family’s dedication to quality food and amazing hospitality has helped Culver’s grow from a local favorite to a beloved chain across the United States.

It’s all about the Custard

Let’s talk about their crown jewel: Frozen Custard. Unlike typical ice cream, frozen custard is creamier and richer, thanks to the special cooking process and a hint of egg yolk. Culver’s excels at this creamy treat, offering a new “Flavor of the Day” daily alongside their classics  (vanilla and chocolate). Flavors like Raspberry Ripple and Caramel Fudge Cookie Dough are made in-house and are as smooth as they are addictive.

But those burgers!

A visit to Culver’s wouldn’t be complete without including a ButterBurger. These are not your average burgers; the patties are seared to perfection and nestled between lightly buttered and toasted buns. Throw in a side of their crispy crinkle-cut fries or Wisconsin Cheese Curds (another signature Culver’s menu item), and you’ve got yourself the perfect meal!

It feels like home!

Culver’s is more than just food; it’s an experience. The restaurant’s friendly, casual atmosphere makes it a perfect place to enjoy a meal. Whether you’re dining in or grabbing a quick bite at the drive-thru, the warmth and hospitality make it feel like going to your local hometown restaurant, thanks to the Culver family’s ongoing commitment to their community and guests!

For those who love both comfort food and a hometown feel, Culver’s is the place to go. If you find yourself close to a Culver’s, grab a ButterBurger and some frozen custard. They are tasty comforting treats that have stood the test of time.

They still want to improve!

Even though Culver’s is known for their amazing customer service and exceptional food, they want to keep improving and make sure that you as their guest have the best experience possible when you dine with them! 

They are currently doing this by inviting their customers to participate in their online customer survey at www.TellCulvers.com where you will be asked to provide you honest opinions and feedback, when you complete the survey you will be rewarded with a coupon for a FREE Single Scoop Dish or Cake Cone that you can redeem on your next visit to Culver’s!

That’s all I’ve got!

I hope you’ve learned a little about how Culver’s got their start and why they make the foods they do!

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